Rebel Women…for kids!

Welcome to our new activity packs, providing primary school children the opportunity to learn about women’s history through play, imagination and creation.

How you use this pack is completely up to you. We do encourage you to complete the activities as a family, as children will enjoy learning most when you are learning too. 

The pack is designed for 5-11 year olds. We’ve tried to make it as accessible as possible, to meet all learning needs. So there are some very simple ideas, and some activities that might be best for older children. 

So get started now with a listen to our children’s podcast

If podcasts are not your thing, we also have a story blog:

Who were the suffragettes?
Would you want to go to a school like this?

Or you may simply want to dive straight into the activities. So download the activity pack and get playing today!

Each month we will release a new pack on a different topic. We are currently providing these free of charge so you can see how you like it. So make sure you are signed up to our mailing list to get notifications on when the new pack is released.

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