Women activists: thanks for sharing

One of the biggest problems with gaining recognition for the incredible work of women activists, is getting their stories heard and shared. Over spring/summer 2016, we held three community events to share the heritage and gather more stories. Thanks to everyone who turned up and got involved – the enthusiasm and passion from you all has been incredible.

In April we were guided by a team of craftivists in making mini protest banners dedicated to women of the past.

Craftivists make mini protest banners

Cross-cultural picnic
Also in April we held a cross-cultural picnic at St Hilda’s Community East in Tower Hamlets, sharing food and stories of inspirational women.

Cross cultural picnic at St Hilda's

Women on Wikipedia
In May we held a Women on Wikipedia-a-thon. This resulted in a dozen new stories about women activists being uploaded to the online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia editing event

Women and wikipedia-athon

We can edit wikipediaThe gender bias on Wikipedia is well documented. The fact there are so many more entries about men may be to do with only around 10% of Wikipedia editors being women. In addition, when women are written about the content can be reductive and patronising, as this Buzzfeed article illustrates beautifully.

To address this imbalance we are organising a Women on Wikipedia-athon on Saturday 14th May (2-5pm) at The Mill in Walthamstow.

Some of the stories we’ve uncovered are on Wikipedia, although the content tends to be thin. Others are missing completely. Considering the contribution, courage and dedication of these women, we feel this is wrong.

We invite you to join us for our Wikipedia-athon. You don’t have to have any previous Wikipedia editing experience as we’ll show you the ropes. All you need to do is turn up any time between 2-5pm on Saturday 14th May and we’ll give you a computer, a login and a story to upload. Stay for the full three hours, or just a short while – it’s up to you.

Men and women both welcome.