How a new exhibition helped me through the horror of 2016

If you’re feeling anything like me, then you’ll probably be glad to see the back of 2016.

P09297 Alice Model 001 300 DPII’ve gone from the high of the spring, when I was privileged to meet and hear stories from so many women activists, to an almighty fall into Brexit and the reality of the Trump administration. I have to admit to feeling pretty low right now.

I don’t have a cure, but I can suggest one small thing that might relieve the symptoms: take yourself down to the Journeys to Justice exhibition, featuring Women Activists of East London, at Rich Mix in Shoreditch 

On from now until the beginning of January, Journeys to Justice uses music, art and oral histories to explore the history of the US civil rights movement and its impact on human rights in the UK. It focuses on individual stories, which are both moving and inspiring.

I’m thrilled that a number of women activists from our project have been selected for inclusion in the exhibition. Their stories stand proud as a local illustration of much wider struggles. It’s also fascinating to see these women in a wider social context, to understand both the similarities and differences.

Most of all, it helped me see that there have been struggles before that have often seen insumourtable, but we have fought and won. I believe we can do it again.

The exhibition will be on everyday until 1st January at Rich Mix on Bethnal Green Rd

Photo: Alice Model, maternity rights campaigner (Tower Hamlets Archives)