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Milly WitkopWere you part of the Women’s Lib movement in East London in the 60s to 80s? Was your mother or grandmother part of the radical East End community, along side the likes of Sylvia Pankhurst, Milly Witkop and Muriel Lester? Are you related to any of the women involved in the Poplar Rates Rebellion, such as Susan Lawrence, Nellie Creswell or Minnie Lansbury?

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We’re collecting stories from ordinary women who fought for change around the themes of housing, the Labour movement, racism, violence against women and girls and environment and the peace movement.  The stories will feature in our walking tour app – In Her Footsteps. The interviews will also be used as part of an exhibition due later this year, and archived for educational purposes at the Bishopsgate Institute.

Our project spans over 150 years, but while we want handed down stories from the past, we also want to to speak to amazing contemporary women campaigners. If you fit the bill, or you know someone who does, please do get in touch.

Sometimes stories are passed down through the generations organically, but sometimes they’re not and can be lost forever. Our research has found that women’s stories are at far greater risk of getting lost than mens’, and as such women’s history gets overlooked. It is especially important to share our memories of activism so that the next generation of young women can learn and be inspired. This way we are able to continue to fight for better rights for women, girls and the communities they live in.

So let’s make sure these amazing women’s lives are properly celebrated and preserved. Get in touch if you have a story, or know of someone with a story to share